Automatic Weighbridge

We are market leaders in the manufacture and supply of Automatic Weighbridges. Rockway has Automatic Weighbridges of various kinds. They can be using a concrete platform or the more common steel platform. Foundation-less weighbridges are also supplied by us. We have pit-less type weighbridge or pit type weighbridge. Rockway also provides weighbridges which are fully Computerised, Unmanned weighbridges, Industrial weighbridges of all kinds.

Rockway is proud to introduce latest features like

  1. SMS Facility for all weighments.
  2. Computerised W/b for accessing data online.
  3. Unmanned weighbridges which do not required any human intervention ie they are fully automatic.
  4. CCTV integration with the weighbridge to give live feed of the site online.


  • Accurate.
  • Impeccable Performace.
  • Highly Efficient Weighbridge.