Unmanned Weighbridge

We at Rockway are proud to introduce our latest offering the “Unmanned Weighbridges”. These weighbridges are manufactured using the most stringent standards. All the modern and updated technology is used in-order to provide features which were unheard off in the Indian market till now. These weighbridges which can be of any type are automated, computerised do not require any manual intervention and work seamlessly to give the most precise and accurate results.
Proud to introduce Rockway Automation a new Vertical for Rockway Weighbridge Technologies.

Features :

  • CCTV Cameras to record the vehicles coming for weighment.
  • InfraRed radiations to detect the presence of vehicles.
  • Computer Software for complete computerised operations.
  • Boom barriers (if required) for controlling the flow of vehicles.
  • We continue using our double ended shear beam load cells which are of international standards as well as all other parts and components which are of the most superior technology and make Rockway a leading brand in the Weighbridge industry.