Platform what we are using is a M.S platform which is a mild steel structure and these are fully welded platform and we don’t recommend weighbridges with a nut bolt system because in a nut bolt systems when the truck keeps moving on the platform, so due to movement, speed and the brakes, the nut bolts become loose and your flatform will start giving noise and it’s joints will become weak and loose and you will have to keep on changing the nut bolts every now and then. Our platforms which are fully welded structures. Even after 20 yrs you will see they are intact. So we recommend fully welded structures. Our’s is a sectional frame. We don’t prefer longitudinal frames which are old designs on which if a overloaded truck comes then there will be a huge bend in the structure because longitudinal trucks are tend to bend incase of overload capacities.

But in our design we are giving cross sectional frame where only 2 main beams are there and other than that we give cross sectional frames, cross beams at ever 1-1 meter. So like this we make a cross sectional frame and on top of that there’s a plate on top of the plate there are MS flats. Those flats are given to give a anti-skid surface.

  • Our platform has got more weight than the conventional platform used by other suppliers, hence it is more sturdy and strong for round the clock use.
  • Made of ISMBs and anti-skid plates it is capable of continuously taking the designated load.
  • We are supplying fully welded structure hence this does not require any kind of servicing. Other bidders mostly give nut-bolt type of platform, which is cheaper and requires continuous care and servicing with respect to replacing of the nuts and bolts.
  • Our platform comprises of: ( 50 Tonnes – 7.5m X 3m ( 4 – Loadcell ))
  • Main beams ISMB = 450mm

    Cross beams ISMB = 250mm

    Cross beams ISMB = 200mm

    Plate Thickness = 10mm

    Total Weight = 4.6 Tonnes