Load Cell

The most important part in the weighbridge is loadcell. A Loadcell is a transducer which converts mechanical weight into electrical signals. There are different types of load cells like Compressor type, Cup, Ball and Shear beam type. We use double ended shear beam type loadcell made by “Sensortronics” a world’s no.1 load cell manufacturing company based in U.S.A. Sensotronics have their R&D facility in Chennai in India and they have their network across the globe. Even in the smallest of countries you will find “Sensotronics” with service network. In India they have their R&D center in Chennai. These are the only loadcellsWorldwide which are repairable. If anything happens to the load cell after 10 or 15 yrs, we will provide a standby loadcell to the site so that the weighbridge is not out of order for a single day and we take the faulty load cell to Chennai for repairs.

The loadcells that are installed by Rockway are pre-calibrated. Normally what people do is that they caliberate the weigh bridge on site with lower load capacities. For eg: Each load cell has a capacity of 20 tonnes. At site it’s not possible to keep 20 tonne of weigh at one particular point or one particular corner of the loadcell. So what people do is they get 5 tonnes of load and keep at the corner to caliberate.

  • We are supplying Hi-Tech Double Ended Shear beam type load cells of capacity –20 Tonnes each.
  • These Load cells are of SENSORTRONICS make (world leaders in Transducers -load cells/sensors & instrumentation).
  • Our load cells are capable of withstanding vertical as well as horizontal loads, encountered on the stoppage and movements of trucks. Whereas, most of the other suppliers give compression type of load cells which cannot withstand horizontal load.
  • Looking at the basic design of the compression / Column type load cells itself, a layman can also conclude that even the slight movement in the platform (which is unavoidable because of the acceleration & braking of the vehicles/ truck / trailors over the weighbridge platform) will cause drastic wear and tear to the load cell and hence result in faulty weights, unstable readings and variable weights at different corners of the weighbridge platform.
  • Our load cells are having protection against LIGHTNING, RAIN WATER & DUST.
  • Only Loadcells which are REPAIRABLE, incase any problem occurs in the later years. We shall also provide one free standby loadcell for the time of repairs so that your weighbridge is in working condition even for the time when the loadcell is send for the repairs.