Rockway Weighbridge

Rockway Weighbridge Technologies is a company whose name is synonymous with the most superior quality weighbridges in India. Rockway well known for its accurate, long lasting and durable weighbridges keeps on investing in future technology and R&D in-order to provide our customers the latest and the best quality weighbridges. Our track record of the last so many years goes to prove on how we are trusted and relied upon to provide solutions for the needs of our customers which are reliable and efficient. We have Weighbridges of all kinds namely Unmanned weighbridge, Computerised Weighbridge, Electronic Weighbridge, Truck Weighbridge, Bus Weighbridge, Heavy Carrier Weighbridge, Pit-less Weighbridge, Pit-type weighbridge, Concrete Platform Weighbridge, Foundation-less weighbridge, Axle Weighbridge etc. Every industry today needs weighbridge for making it’s operation profitable. Want to know how ? Please contact:

Sudhanshu Gupta

CEO and MD
Rockway Weighbridge Technologies